Super Sailor Mars (Pre-painted)

출시 예정일 2023년 3분기
인기상품 순위  # 13 Gathering에서 (Gathering 내에서 에서 찾아보기 )
상품 번호  PF12498
시리스  Fashion
높이  29.00 cm
피규어 높이  25.00 cm
박스 크기  높이: 25 cm | 넓이: 35 cm | 길이: 41 cm
무게  1.64 kg
스케일  1/6


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Mars Flame Sniper! After the releases of Mercury & Jupiter, here we finally have the 3rd project! We turn the moment she uses this strong attack into a dynamic figure with!
Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars
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8.9 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트
Smolsaltwitch (캐나다) 번역 내용

The amount of detail on this figure (both sculpt and paint) is insanely beautiful. Sailor Mars has always been my favourite sailor scout and this figure really did her justice!

최근 구매후기

Love love love. Sailor Mars is just stunning. One of my favorites.

SuperNeptune88 (미국) 번역 내용

I love it!!! the way that was package was making sure that I received a perfect product. I love every detail how do I figure was made, the paint is perfect. Thank you!!! Im waiting that you come out with Sailor Pluto & Sailor Saturn doing there pose attack as well.


She is so outstanding!! I love every detail of her: the clear parts, her hair, her face. The painting job is amazing! The height and weight are very good too. She is huge but not that heavy. The only negative point that I see is that the flame effect parts are very hard to place on the base. I could not embed them all the way down and they got a bit in the air and the metal pins are visible. Maybe it's due to lack of pressure that they didn't fit in, but I was too afraid to put too much pressure on them, I didn't want to break them :D

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