Seras Victoria

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Expected Release 2020-01
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Product Number  FG2892
Series  Hellsing   Related Website
Height  30.00 cm
Weight   0.43 kg
Part  7
Scale  1/7


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instruction not provided. Parts List Only.
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base not included, you might wish to purchase from Display Base
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9.7 / 10

Feedback Highlight

A very simple figure when you look at the assembly, but very well cast and the detailing is extremely well done.

Latest Feedback

포장 상태도 좋고 배송도 오래 걸리지 않았네요 감사합니다 ^^


Kit is a bit old and requires a bit of clean up, but its a nice looking kit

Kenka (Austria) Translate

Got the figure today (within 7 or 8 days). The internal procedure took it's time (about a week after paying), but that's common since the storehouse got bigger and it's okay basically. Still I'm unhappy with the figure/order. I wanted to wait with the order, since a friend also wanted two kits and thought about buying them together but the figure suddenly went down to 1 instock (from 4) within a minute and so I ordered her immediately. Right afterwards the instocks became 3 again and also the kit got into promotion shortly afterwards. Unfortunately this happened not just once so I'm not sure how to rely on the shop anymore. According to E20, such things happening is even normal (due to people order and cannot pay later - in the effect stocks are going up again). Still I dunno how this can happen within 24 hour, but well...I'll draw my conclusion. My friend also changed her mind about the figures in the maintime, so at least I won't have to place an other order. The kit itself is NOT 1/7! It's 1/8 if no smaller. Please keep that in mind if you want to make a set with other figures or you'll end up like me regretting the buy. I thought she was smaller from the parts pictures but it's much worse then it looked. Packing was good. Nothing broken. The general quality is also good. Details are fine and there's not much to sand from what I can see. The connection between the leg and skirt is a bit stupid. Eventually you'll have to change it somehow. I can't say anything about the fitting of the parts since I will not build this kit after all the troubles and the kit not fitting into what I've planned.

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