Super Sailor Neptune

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출시 예정일 2023년 3분기
리베이트 현금 쿠폰 US$ 2.39
US$ 99.59
US$ 79.67
US$ 94.61
US$ 17.59
US$ 35.65
US$ 63.65
상품 번호  FG12796
시리스  Fashion
높이  33.50 cm
피규어 높이  25.00 cm
박스 크기  높이: 14 cm | 넓이: 21 cm | 길이: 33 cm
무게  1.14 kg
부품 수량   30
스케일  1/6


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Deep Submerge! Super Sailor Neptune is joining the Sailor Senshi Attack Series! It features the water, cast in clear parts, flowing upward to the top as if she is collecting power and ready to kill all the enemies. We can boldly say that, this is the most dynamic work of Sailor Neptune ever!
Super Sailor Neptune Super Sailor Neptune Super Sailor Neptune Super Sailor Neptune
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9.7 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트

Well detailed and super clear parts. :D Nice ORI! Can't wait to complete the set! ^.^ Thank you for your hard work! :D

최근 구매후기
SetsunaKou (미국) 번역 내용

Beautifully sculpted and super high quality resin! The pose is dynamic and amazing with all the 'Deep Submerge' water powers swirling around her! She is incredible! The most impressive Neptune statue you'll ever encounter!!!!!!! However....she is not quite 1/6 scale. :( She is more like 1/7 scale or 1/6.5 at the most. It's unfortunate because she doesn't really match the rest of the 1/6 Ori 'Sailor Senshi powers' models. It's too bad this scale ratio wasn't rectified before she was finished but if you just want a Sailor Neptune model on her own, she's the best you'll find! She will be the centerpiece of your Neptune collection! But, if you want to match her with the other Ori 1/6 Sailor Soldier models....she will be noticeably smaller. :( Her head, her body--everything is much smaller than the others in this set. I'd guess maybe because her 'powers' are so huge, they minimized the figure itself? I don't know but it's super disappointing so I will not be able to use her in my Ori 1/6 collection. Which is a shame because she's simply gorgeous! Luckily, another 1/6 Neptune model (FG4969 Sailor Neptune) fits in scale with the other Ori models AND she has water powers, too, so she'll have to do for my matching set. :( Not ideal but at least there's something to turn to! If you don't mind her being 1/7 scale compared to the other Ori models at 1/6, she's wonderful! But if you want her to match well with the others, you will be disappointed in her scale being smaller than everyone else. What a shame this wasn't noticed or fixed at the factory/sculptor!!!! 7/10 stars due to her size being really off for this series/set.


She is just Amazon, the quality and the design it’s great

Euphemism (미국) 번역 내용

The figure was easy to assemble, but the water feature was a little confusing at first. Most of the clear pieces had flash.

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