Super Sailor Uranus

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Номер продукта  FG12986
Серии  Fashion
Высота  39.50 cm
Высота фигуры  27.00 cm
Размер коробки  Высота: 10 cm | Ширина: 17 cm | Длинна: 25 cm
Вес  0.56 kg
Количество деталей  38
Масштаб  1/6


  • Требуется сборка покупателем
  • Требуется покраска покупателем
  • Инструкции предоставлены
  • Дополнительные услуги : перевозятся в дополнительной упаковке, повышенной безопасности
  • Подставка не включена в комплект, вы можете приобрести её отдельно в категории [подставки]
  • Декали для глаз включены в комплект
  • Two interchangeable hands included (one with energy and one with Space Sword)

Мир потрясает! Super Sailor Uranus присоединяется к серии Sailor Senshi Attack. На этот раз мы добавили Меч Космоса как сменную деталь, что бы вы могли показать ее в атаке. Не забудьте добавить ее к фигурке Super Sailor Neptune!
Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus
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9.9 / 10

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Good sailor uranus

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abaranger2011 (Гонконг) Перевод

Good quality as usual


She is GORGEOUS! Looks exactly like she stepped off the series animation! Her resin is quality, easy carve and sand, and all her parts fit extremely well without much work at all! Easy to assemble except for the 'World Shaking' which is, understandably, a bit challenging to fit each spike into the correct corresponding hole. They are marked in three different types of slots so you can't fit just any into each hole, but it's still a bit difficult, you'll need to look at the shape of the base of each spike/size to see if it is a match to the slot; and these pieces do need some serious carving on each flange to get them to fit properly and snugly into their slots. However, due to what it is, it's expected and it looks amazing when assembled!!! I also love how she comes with an extra Space Sword! Since I'm using the 'World Shaking' part, the sword was left over and I used it for another 1/6 Uranus model I have! She looks perfect with it! So, yay! Extra bonus! My sister loves this figure (it's for her collection) and can't wait to get the matching Sailor Star Fighter to put on the base with her!!! :) Great job, and Ori! This is the best Sailor Uranus model EVER made!!!!!!


Such an awesome figure. I am more of an outer senshi fan than inner senshi so getting this figure, Saturn and Neptune and hopefully eventually Pluto is very high on my list. The detail and quality is out of this world

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