Super Sailor Uranus (Pre-painted)

Esaurito Più Venduti
Classifica Più Venduti  # 47 in Gathering (Vedi tutto )
Numero Prodotto  PF12986
Serie  Fashion
Altezza  41.00 cm
Altezza Figure  27.00 cm
Dimensioni Scatola  Altezza: 24 cm | Larghezza: 28 cm | Lunghezza: 36 cm
Peso  1.24 kg
Scala  1/6


  • Richiesto Minimo Assemblaggio
  • Nessuna Pittura Richiesta
  • Istruzioni Incluse
  • Servizio di attenzioni extra: Caricati in imbottiture extra, sicurezza garantita
  • Inclusa la basetta
  • Magneti Include
  • Two interchangeable hands included (one with energy and one with Space Sword)

World Shaking! Super Sailor Uranus is joining the Sailor Senshi Attack Series! This time we specially add Space Sword as an interchangeable part so you can display her with either attack! Be sure to add her to match Super Sailor Neptune!
Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Uranus
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9.7 / 10

Commento in Evidenza
Aurayal (Svizzera) Traduci

Just like Neptune, this figure is so well done and absolutely beautfiul! Only critique I have is that the spikes are a bit tricky to attach and two of them sometimes fall out when there's a bit of movement. Otherwise she is gorgeous and both figures next to each other are wonderful! <3

Ultimissimo Commento
Xaara (Germania) Traduci

Sailor Uranus schafft die 10/10 leider nicht da die Base einfach hätte nicht nackt bleiben dürfen. Auf Facebook sind so tolle Bilder mit mehr Ausarbeitung der Attacke zu sehen. Auch die Anbringung der Stacheln war keine Freude, ständig sind welche wieder rausgefallen obwohl sie im richtigen Loch waren und ich musste einige Male komplett neu ansetzen um die lockeren Dinger nach oben umzuparken. Aber am Ende des Tages ist der Ärger schnell vergessen da sie einfach schick aussieht


I like this figure but less than neptune. The effect part is loose and her overall image is quite plain.

Tower (Germania) Traduci

Sailor Uranus know as Haruka or Amara is the largest of all Sailor Scouts. She is the first half I ordered of of the double from Haruka and Michiru. Today i received Uranus securely packaged as always. She looks great and makes for a solid representation figur of her. Uranus just looks great of all the girls with her short strap boots. I hope to be able to unite both soon:) Super Service! Gladly again ★★★★★

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