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US$ 135.81
US$ 129.02
US$ 50.31
US$ 95.63
US$ 108.39
상품 번호  FG13044
시리스  NieR Series   Add to My Series
높이  50.00 cm
피규어 높이  30.00 cm
박스 크기  높이: 26 cm | 넓이: 37 cm | 길이: 42 cm
무게  2.99 kg
부품 수량   79
스케일  1/6


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9.9 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트
Builder (미국) 번역 내용

This is a great kit, with good sculpting, a very dynamic pose and a good size for a 1/6 kit. It has good white resin. The clear pieces are a new type of resin (or have been sprayed) than the clear pieces of a few years ago, it's crystal clear. I'll spray it immediately anyways just to make sure it's preserved. The details on the model are crisp and clean, It has good keys, the pour tabs are mostly in out of the way places. There are a few minor fitment issues, but for the most part fitment is good. There are no seams or flat spots to speak of. Shipping is steep, but the kit is definitely worth the price.

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LazyForestFox (캐나다) 번역 내용

Parts fit together really well and clear parts had no bubbles.


細節多 造型佳 寫實感

StryderK (미국) 번역 내용

Just got this. Already fitted the main lead A2 and base. Slight seam encountered on joints, mainly the arm and legs. Because of this, I only fitted one leg and left the other off to save me the painting headaches. The instructions are there but like always, it’s haphazard so read it carefully as there are quite a few parts. Should be a fun build but I simply have too many ongoing projects going at once right now.

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