T08A2 Alakuneda

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Product Number  RT1468
Height  10.00 cm
Weight   0.44 kg
Part  51


  • Parts Fit Test Confirmed
  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base not included, you might wish to purchase from Display Base
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8.9 / 10

Feedback Highlight
Wolfen (Indonesia) Translate

My first purchase,very satisfied,great quality. Looking forward to buy more :)

Latest Feedback
Daugusan25 (Canada) Translate

The kit arrived in great shape. Packing was very good. Casting is finely detailed, and of good quality. The instructions are abit vague on the placement of some pieces. Painting and decals are left up to the builder to determine.


I am absolutely torn about this model kit. On one hand, I am very happy to have it. I love the original anime and it is very cool to have a model from it. At it's core this is a pretty nice model. On the other hand I am incredibly disappointed with the model quality and customer service. The main body of the kit was miscast, leaving a large noticeable portion disfigured. I reached out to customer support and all I received was an apology for the inconvenience. They told me that most of the kits in that run had the defective miscast and that there would be no replacement. If I wanted a replacement part for my damaged order, I would have to buy a second kit. Up until this point I have been happy with models from E2046. But I'm pretty sure this will be the last model I buy from here. I just don;t feel good buying when I know there's a chance I will receive an incomplete kit, and that when it happens I will be on my own. *As a minor side note, as others have mentioned, the 'instructions' only list the included parts, they dont help with assembly.

Khaist (Germany) Translate

The shipment was good as always. The parts fits very well (one part of the machinegun was a little bit difficult to assembly). This kit was very challenging to build, because there were many parts and the finished kit is very heavy. Would be cool to have a figure of Motoko also in this kit.

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