T08A2 Alakuneda

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Numero Prodotto  RT1468
Altezza  10.00 cm
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  • Testato l'Assemblaggio delle Parti
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9 / 10

Commento in Evidenza
pyro-manic (Regno Unito) Traduci

High quality cast, no issues upon initial inspection. Hard to fault. A shame the figure from the original is not included - this would add greatly to the kit IMO. Perhaps a good candidate for an ORI project? Instructions could be clearer - they are clearly a 2nd- or 3rd-generation photocopy of the originals.

Ultimissimo Commento

구하기 힘든 레어 킷을 구했다는 것만으로도 만족합니다. 현재 고토부키야에서 다각전차가 인젝션으로 판매중인데 그 전차와 함께 디스플레이해주기 위해서 좀 더 큰 스케일로 나와줬으면 어땠을까 하는 바램입니다. 세부 디테일은 별로 설명할게 없지만, 부품 자체가 휘어지고 각이 안잡혀있고 두리뭉실한 편이라 메카닉적 느낌은 떨어집니다.

MaxwellSmart (Francia) Traduci

Nice kit, good resin materials A good base to be articulated, it's not said but scale is about 1/72, so it can go well along regular GITS Jigabachi kits or ATH29 resin kit as well !

ghost123456 (Canada) Traduci

Casting was acceptable, but someone has attempted to remove the flash and casting tabs with a grinder and badly damaged several of the parts. It will take considerable putty work and reshaping to correct all this damage before painting and assemble. This has been a constant problem with kits from E2046 for years and nothing is done to correct the issue. Also, the instructions have been copied so many time they are unreadable and of little use. Why even bother?

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