Kasumi Bikini

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Produktnummer  FG3143
Höhe  20.00 cm
Parts Quantity  20
Maßstab  1/8


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  • Includes fine cotton string
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Andrewkm Übersetzen

This figure should be marked as adult, but isn't. The clothing and sword are clearly designed to be removable given the *ahem*nicedetail*ahem*. Very nice kit, no mold lines that I can see whatsoever. All tabs appear to be located in out of the way areas, which is good. I can't find anything wrong at all with the figure pieces provided. There are two options for the hair -- either long and straight or pulled back into a ponytail, with the same front piece used for both. I may have to order another one of these, as I'm not sure which pattern I'll use, although it may be optional to use both styles by making the hair removable. I'm not quite sure how visible the gap in the hair pieces would be if the interchangeable hair option is chosen. About the only negatives I'll note is that the pictures on the instructions provided are extremely dark, and there's no material provided to secure the sword and swimsuit pieces. However, these barely qualify. The kit's simple enough that picture instructions shouldn't be needed, and most people would probably want to choose their own fastening material for the clothing to avoid being locked into a particular colour. Thank you! Great kit, and another satisfying purchase.

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