Aina with Bended Knee

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Numero Prodotto  FG2053
Altezza  22.00 cm
Parti  25
Scala  1/6


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10 / 10

Ultimissimo Commento
Kevino (Canada) Traduci

This is one big model of Aina!! I've always wanted a large scale model of Aina where she is presentable in a sensual way without being overly exploited with big busts etc... The great part about this model is you have the option to built her with an exposed chest or have the shirt on. Which ever way you decide she still looks pretty in a large scale. This model does not come with a box or container base but that's the beauty of it as you can be creative in deciding what surface you want her to be in and scratch built the missing piece. For the scale and aesthetics of this model I highly recommend to any Aina fan.

Dayspring (FRA) Traduci

HI! This is my feedback for the part of my order that I had recieved: AC0105 Manne Paint Tray 12's: nothing to say, very usefull; FG2053 1/6 Aina with Bended Knees: beautifull, a great kit; 435FG1231 1/6 Himura Battohsai: very cool, and I already know that he will be my first conversion, not a complex one, i have never done that yet, and i hope to show it to you soon FG2045 1/8 Cagalli Yula Athha: a simple and beautifull kit of one of my favorit caracter of Gundam Seed; Great Kits very well casted as ever

Alex Traduci

Wotta babe! Cast is perfect, only minor seamlines. More details than the pics in the shop show, can even be built with an OPTIONAL(!!!) tank top or can be left topless (very sexy) under the jacket. I think it's amazing how much the 1/6 kits have improved over the past months. The proportions tend to be more on-the-spot than in the 1/8 kits, a bit "healthier", but very realistic. Did I mention this kit has one of the most gorgeous-looking legs I ever saw in a resin kit? Packing and shipping was usual - fast and safe.

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