Murrue Ramius

Numero Prodotto  FG2065
Altezza  20.50 cm
Parti  20
Scala  1/6


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Ultimissimo Commento
baxojayz (USA) Traduci

I love Gundam girls. I love girls in uniforms. So this is a perfect blend. This kit stands pretty tall. I keep emphasizing on these last couple of kits how they are GOOD 1/6 sized. Some sculptors seem to have a warped concept of scale and models that are likely closer to 1/8 are labeled 1/6. So this one IS 1/6. Good size. Tall. The sculpt is charming. Nice uniform. Not extremely dramatic action pose, but very natural looking. She's standing in a very comfortable looking contraposto pose. The rendering creates the feeling of a breeze through her hair. Smart parts breakdown. Nice resin, nice casting. A nice kit to say the least.

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