Princess Serenity

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Product Number  FG0467
Height  39.50 cm
Box Size  Height: 13 cm | Width: 19.5 cm | Length: 27 cm
Weight  0.87 kg
Parts Quantity  21
Scale  1/4


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base included
  • Includes dress
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9.5 / 10

Feedback Highlight

This is my first resin kit! i never thought that it would be such a great thing! kit comes with instruction sheet, dress, photo, ah, and Ori's new Project's Image - guys, don' t add this image on the front of the box, i nearly fainted - i thought that my kit was mistaken, and i have bought another one XD. Here comes my bad part : ( i was dissapointed by the dress. front is okey, but what's wrong with it's back view? i mean, even i can sew a better dress than this :( check out this pics at my blog: front part looks really awsome, i think i will modify the back view. if E2046 will make this dress better, the kit score will hit to 10 points i guess.. okey, nevermind the dress, here comes the great part! ahh! amazingly HUGE body! this is the hugest figure i have ever seen. i took my Psp to measure how big this kit is! Hair Bang's are also very long O.o and the quality is just superb! i think i will buy more resin kits in future! if the dress was not in this kind of condition, i would give it 10 points. but this kit was sculpted so greatly! i cant give it a low point.. thats why, my score is: 9.0 Thanks again for providing this kit! :3 also! i'm going to paint this kit and give a detailed instructions! so, follow my posts at forum.

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SgtGoldfish (United Kingdom) Translate

A beautiful tall cast, but I unfortunately can't say the same about the outfit that was provided.. the quality didn't reach expectations, and the sewing isn't that great. It's given me the added opportunity to sew a dress for the figure, which I don't mind, but others may not feel the same.. The two shoulder caps are just shells, so it's up to the buyer on how to attach them to the figure's smooth shoulders. I still really like my purchase as it's a more "realistic" looking Princess Serenity, but I feel that there are areas on improvement.


完美件沒氣泡沙孔 ☆10分配件。

smoon (Mexico) Translate

Today received FG0467 the figure is AMAZING!!! white resin no over sanding no parts broken simply beautiful!!!