Asuka with Motorcycle

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Expected Release Q2 2023
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Product Number  FG3509
Height  25.00 cm
Box Size  Height: 14 cm | Width: 20 cm | Length: 27 cm
Weight  0.96 kg
Parts Quantity  90
Scale  1/6


  • Assembly required by customer
  • Painting required by customer
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base not included, you may get yours in [Display Base]
  • Motorcycle, Decal sheet, Clear parts, Metal parts, Copper rod included.
  • GK Surprise - includes a strong metallic stand FOR FREE. Privilege for E2046 members.
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9.5 / 10

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Yves (France) Translate

Nice kit with many details, but also many parts that require a lot of work adjustment to get a good fit. Always well packaged and protected.

Latest Feedback

I did not glue or paint myself, but gave it to a professional. Of the minuses - there is no instruction, you have to think a lot. Full review of the figure at the link

Ranger_Chris61 (United States) Translate

Impressive kit that is almost a required kit at this point for most GK builders. Casting for the most part was good, the bike panel pieces were very good, while some of the detail parts were starting to lack surface detail due to age of the molds. The only real down side were the clear parts which had noticeably yellowed. A quick test fit on the figure showed an ok fit with minimal prep work needed. Surface mail took 3 months to reach me.


What can I say? A timeless classic of the girl on racing bike motif, and with superior casting, fit, and finish on the kit, the E2046 version looks to be one that can actually be built (as opposed to others I have bought in the past). Well done, E2046!

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