Belldandy Bikini and Coat Undress

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Product Number  FG2143
Height  31.00 cm
Part  22
Scale  1/5.5


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base not included, you might wish to purchase from Display Base
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Latest Feedback
keiichi (AUS) Translate

Kit itself is quite big but the moulding is quite good. Parts fit together nicely and I have to surpress my urge to start doing it. Another great resin for my collection. Thanks.

The Doctor Translate

I brought this kit from Simon's recent Mark Down promotion 1/5.5 Belldandy Bikini and Coat Undress The Part break down on this kit is one of the best I've seen. Legs are Seperate from the body. Arms break off there the jacket is pulled half way down. The Jacket that comes in 3 parts, the sides join together to give the imnpression of a rear seam, The hood covers the join. Belldandy looks as if she's flashing her chest off to others so that they can admire her. it was well packed and came with toher kits from previous orders that have been made up over the past few months. A recommended by, espeically on the saving that was made through the mark down section.

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