Elf with Sword

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Numero Prodotto  FG3619
Serie  Miscellaneous
Altezza  33.00 cm
Peso   0.65 kg
Parti  11
Scala  1/5


  • Richiesto Assemblaggio
  • Richiesta Pittura
  • Istruzioni Incluse
  • Servizio di attenzioni extra: Caricati in imbottiture extra, sicurezza garantita
  • Basetta non inclusa qui, potresti volerne acquistare una da Basette
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10 / 10

Ultimissimo Commento
wolfmario (Messico) Traduci

Elf with a Sword is a good figure, the scale is great and it's easy to work on the small details, with the way the girl stands is easy to find a good base to make her look nice. This kit is great, the pieces are big and well detailed, theres only a few seam lines but they don't represent much work. I'm already thinking about what colours to use on her and that's what I like about original characters. I recommend this kit, especialy if you are gonna begin in this hobby, there's not a lot of pieces and they're big enough so you can practice pinning them with wire.

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