Suiseiseki (Pre-painted)

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US$ 81.76
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Número Producto  PF3404
Altura  15.50 cm
Tamaño de caja  Altura: 22 cm | Ancho: 24 cm | Largo: 38 cm
Peso   1.16 kg
Cantidad de Piezas  4


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Heero_Yue Traducir

Another late review from me, sorrie! I got this delivered a few weeks back and everything was fine... except her left hand was detached as soon as I took her out of the case. While it is perfectly alright to try and apply some cement and glue her hand back on if you ran into the same problem, I would advise you to rest her on her backside (with her hair and dress supporting her) while you glue her hand back on. It took me 5 minutes to realize that trying to glue her hand while having her stand upright proved to be a fruitless effort. Once the glue has dried and her hand is in place, I had to be very precise when placing Jade Dream (her watering can) back into her hands. Yes, I managed to slip up again and her hand fell off when I was trying to get her to hold onto the watering can. About the painting, I am glad e2046 paid close attention to the eyes itself, as this is probably the easiest place to mess up. The painting is is fairly well done overall and this kit would make a fine addition to any Rozen Maiden collection you might have already.

gaiaswill Traducir

The first Gathering figure I ordered. At first, I was a little worried that her hair ribbon was too yellow, but it must have been a trick of the camera. She was perfect, as usual. Very cute! I am going to buy a glass display case for her and treat her like I would a porcelain doll. Suiseiseki demands it ~desu!

milkmandan Traducir

I am out of words to say, since every Gathering product is amazing. Like always, my package came un-damaged. The box edges were still sharp. O_O Anyways, this figure was surprising, because the of the base that Suiseiseki was put on. It has some weird grass like substance. I can't tell what it is. It feels funny. Anyways, amazing figure like always. My only qualm is that she looks a little bit pale in bright light and that the base is made out of some funky material. If handled without care, you could rip off a whole section of grass. The grass seems very fragil and can come off just my putting my finger on it. So i quickly set her up and put her on the base. Hopefully i wont have to touch her again Because those two points, this figure is amazing. Her hair is painted wonderfully and looks like she has shades under the light. Her dress was amazing as well. The color is perfect from what I've seen and the etching across her hair piece is amazingly detailed O_O I was surprised to see that the entire length of it was etched just like the original. crazy work done there. A+ figure. like always. thanks e2046!

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