Yuzuhara Konomi

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US$ 50.99
US$ 40.79
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Disponibile US$ 48.44
Costo di Spedizione Posta Aerea US$ 4.97
Numero Prodotto  FG3741
Altezza  22.00 cm
Peso   0.16 kg
Parti  22
Scala  1/7


  • Richiesto Assemblaggio
  • Richiesta Pittura
  • Istruzioni Incluse
  • Servizio di attenzioni extra: Caricati in imbottiture extra, sicurezza garantita
  • Basetta non inclusa qui, potresti volerne acquistare una da Basette
5 Stelle
4 Stelle
3 Stelle
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10 / 10

Ultimissimo Commento
Tina (Germania) Traduci

The cast is really great and the parts match very good together! Its really great. Very well packed and nothing got broken. The details are great too. The parts go well together. The workshop does a very good job! Thank you very much for this great Kit!

Mako-chan Traduci

Hi E2046-Stuff, the big package with my four orders arrived today ^^ It was all very well packed. Thank you! Order #81208 ~ FG3741 1/7 Yuzuhara Konomi The 1/7 Yuzuhara Konomi is realy great too ^^ The exchangeable clothes are super cute and a realy nice special ^^ The Kit has no seam lines and a realy great cast too ^^ All three kits are realy great ^^ The workshops does a very good job on them! Thank you very much E2046 for the great GKs!! Regards

madmax8 (Netherlands) Traduci

Another character from To Heart by Cerberus Project. I've been collecting them all and i like them all . This one is very nice cause she also wears a swimsuit under her cloths wich is a very nice touch. The cast is very good except for some thin parts from her clothes but nothing i can't handle .

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