Angela (Pre-painted)

US$ 115.32
US$ 186.00
US$ 115.32
Costo de Envío Correo Aéreo US$ 40.64
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Cantidad 1
Número Producto  PF3740
Altura  23.50 cm
Tamaño de caja  Altura: 38 cm | Ancho: 24 cm | Largo: 22 cm
Peso   1.44 kg
Cantidad de Piezas  16
Escala  1/6


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Último Comentario
Saiyayin Traducir

I have always had a thing for female warriors, especially those who are well-endowed. Angela is fantastic with her flaming red eyes and hair. I haven't played the game she appears in yet, but I can tell she's a badass girl with an attitude; just my type. Her detachable dress revealing her black lingerie is pure fanservice and very welcomed. E2046 also went the extra mile in delivering a custom-made base in orange, with the "Princess Waltz" logo on the front side. It definitely looks better than a standard, flat base. I wish they carry on with this concept for future releases.

Baldulf Traducir

My first Gathering figure.And surely not the last! The figure is a precious jewel worthy of a museum. Everything is perfect.The fast and economical delivery,the extreme care in the packing,and the wonderful paint work,a true professional work. What more I can say? Well,the gathering figures look even better in real life than in pictures.

mago68 Traducir

I received Angela! The packaging of the statue is incredible. Every piece is in perfect conditions... the hairs too! I really like this piece. Many particulars make it a unique model. I got the last one in stock and I'm very satisfied about my choice. Thanks.

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