Rumi Kinoshita (Pre-painted)

Número Producto  PF3806
Altura  24.00 cm
Box Size  Altura: 18 cm | Ancho: 24 cm | Largo: 31.5 cm
Peso   0.87 kg
Piezas  10
Escala  1/6


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Último Comentario
teddy boy Traducir

This is a very lovely statue with far better paintwork than I was expecting, her expression is very lively and cute, far better than the pvc version released by Yamato.

oskargb Traducir

Rumi Kinoshita. The second of my first three gathering figures. I must admit I'm a bit dissapointed because she's smaller than I expected (my only reference was the pictures in the E2046 web site) but other than that, it's an excellent figure. I like the painting and the removable magnetic pieces Smile Like Uesugi Kenshin, this figure arrived in perfect conditions. Again, not even a scratch on the cardboard box. If GK figures are perfectly delivered, Gathering figures push new boundaries! Good work! Again, happy new year to everyone Very Happy Oscar

mutio Traducir

So here it is, my second purchase from E2046 arrived today. First off all, nothing is broken or demaged, Rumi looks quite like on the reference pictures. To give a better impression of what I got I took a few pics with my digicam (the quality is so so, the cam has unfortunately big probs with artificial light, that much for Samsung, I'll get myself a better one on Christmas): So, where do we start.. right: The packaging was well done, as said before nothing was demaged. And there are a few parts which can be demaged, especially the wings or the hair. German postal service is very good though So first of all I took all parts out and checked if the paiting and overall sculpture quality is alright, nothing here either - good! A thing I don't like though is Rumis belly. The line upon it, it looks just unnatural. A bit stupid was the drill hole in the base which was a tid to small, but what a man is has a driller and so I helped myself here and 2 minutes later she stood well and save. Next part was putting her clothes on. I just want to mention here that the painting on her underwear is really great with a lot of love for the detail, but I have a fable for maid dresses, hmm..^^ So the magnetic future works well and as it should. It's only important to start with the white rock, than the top part of it and then the rest. What I don't understand is why the front part (that which covers her bra) isn't one piece but two. It'd look definitely better as one, although there isn't a gap so I don't wanna complain to much here. When you have put the front and back part on her you'll notice there's a small gap on both sides between those parts. You only see that when you look really close, moreover you also have that on the reference pics, so no complain here either. Now we come to the last and most tricky part: The broom. I was very worried that I could break something since the hole in her hand is very tight and I had to use strong pressure and rotate the broom to finaly get it in its position. Also the painting on the top of the broom was slightly demaged. Nothing big though and after polishing it a bit it looks almost like it was before (note: the pic is before polishing). So lets come to the conclusion. First off all the sculpture is great. Rumi looks well and as she should with her maid dress and in her underwear. Second the painting is great. The shading is well done and I only noticed two small "bugs", but you only see them if you search for them The assembly was alright, I think E2046 should controll the drill hole better in the future, also I think that stuff like attaching a broom into a hand should be solved in a different way, maybe magnetic would be an idea here too? Overall a nice figurine and definitely not my last one from E2046! My Halloween Girl is already shipped so I'll write a similar review for her once she has arrived. Final mark: 8.2/10 Now the only thing I have left to say is: I need a closed cabinet to display my figurines, open sucks, dust everywhere >.<