Sasara Kusugawa

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US$ 45.39
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Disponibile US$ 43.12
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Numero Prodotto  FG3942
Altezza  22.00 cm
Peso   0.33 kg
Parti  22
Scala  1/7


  • Richiesto Assemblaggio
  • Richiesta Pittura
  • Istruzioni Incluse
  • Servizio di attenzioni extra: Caricati in imbottiture extra, sicurezza garantita
  • Basetta non inclusa qui, potresti volerne acquistare una da Basette
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4 / 10

Ultimissimo Commento
TSZ HIM (Hong Kong) Traduci

I have just received the gk, the quality is not that good. It may because the gk is pretty old. On the other hand, I pre-order this gk for nearly half a year and I opine that i am not so satisfy with this gk. Anyway, thx for e2046.

E2046 : Hi TSZ HIM, thank you very much for your patience on this kit and also your feedback on our site. Workshop always need a certain number of orders for production, and thus the wait for some older, lower demand kits may be longer than usual.

Feel sorry to hear that you find the kit's quality to be undesirable. Do you mind contacting us regarding the problem using the messaging system so we can have an understanding and to help you out? Thanks!

madmax8 Traduci

OOh the cuteness ... Very nice figure. Casting quality is very nice only some small seamlines wich wont cause any trouble. Very nice for my collection of "To Heart". a must have

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