Ryomou Shimei

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Produktnummer  FG3991
Höhe  38.00 cm
Gewicht   0.99 kg
Teile  15
Maßstab  1/5


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Neuestes Feedback
dita (Australia) Übersetzen

The Ryomou Shimei also arrived today in the cardboard box (minus plastic container) and thankfully she too has come undamamged. What was surprising was to see that there is an option to have her with the dress or without (as the dress is a 2 piece add on). It's a great size, the casting is about a B but I have a sneaking suspicion it may be the way the original kit was. The resin quality is not as good as the Kanu, but it is workable. Unfortuantely the promotional free base is missing, I suspect with so many kits going out at the moment, it may have slipped the packers mind. So if you wouldn't mind sending that along when you get the chance that would be great. Also, please bring back the plastic containers, one of the reasons I buy from you lately and not HF is that there is more security with the packing, but if that ceases to exist, then so does the security of my large kits which would be a shame.