Belldandy Battle Suit Rod in Hand

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Produktnummer  FG1911
Höhe  30.00 cm
Teile  33
Maßstab  1/6


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Neuestes Feedback
senyac (Australia) Übersetzen

Hi, FG1911 1/6 Belldandy Battle Suit Rod in Hand arrived today , well packed and the casting is a mixed bag , the resin is nice and some parts have good casting with small seams but some parts have large seams , Both her legs have had the seams sanded down by the workshop and it was not done very well causing flat spots on the side of her legs , this will need some puttying/sanding to repair . I wish the workshops would leave the sanding of seams to us customers . I dont expect all kits to be perfect , from time to time I expect larger seams but I dont expect to have to repair bad sanding by the workshops . Thanks e2046 cheers Senyac

harry (CAN) Übersetzen

[Getting caught up on listing orders received.] Received the kit ok. FG1911

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