Belldandy Over Water (Pre-painted)

Número Producto  PF3783
Altura  33.00 cm
Piezas  13
Escala  1/5


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Último Comentario
Unborn169 Traducir

all nice works, the quality of the kits are definitely improving~ thanks for the 2046 stuffs

Beatrix Traducir

Hi all n_n! Today i recieved this marvelous Statue. This is my first purchase to E2046, and i'm very impressed for about the packet, very well packed!, with a lot of bubble wrap everywere!, the statue and the box comes in mint condition!. When i open the box, i see all the pieces, i'm very impressed for the amount of the pieces that compose the figure!, but all of those, very well packed, and very safe in all the holes that are perfectly fitted for all the pieces. The detail in the face are incredibly good!, the eyes are really good perfilated, and also the earrings and the necklace. The Feathers of the wing, all of them very well perfilated an the work of every shadow of the same wings, and the hair are really very well painted. The lines of the dress, and the golden furnitures are very well painted too, with a lot of detail on it. The base give's to the statue a great detail like Air, with the pose, a great eyeview of the figure, to apreciatte all the detail of the figure in all the aspects, like the feathers, body, dress and also the face. In all an a 10/10 work!, i'll buy again for sure n_n. Thanks!! Elena.

medea Traducir

Very great work in a huge size. Very impressive paint-job, very detailled and a good cast. I'm very happy that I could call it my own. Easy handling to build up and nothing broken. Very great job e2046 thanks a lot. P.S: I would say that about Urd and the world of elegance (pre-painted), too, please give her a new run. Pleeaasseee... Wink

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