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Product Number  FG4007
Series  Berserk   Related Website
Height  27.00 cm
Part  14
Scale  1/6


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • No Instruction Provided. Parts List Only.
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Includes display base as shown
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5 / 10

Latest Feedback
Camila (Brazil) Translate

This was the most difficult kit to assemble, due to many burrs, torso and legs together and very bad cast . It is a pity, because the look of the kit is really interesting, and we don't have many Guts kits available .

Pitanga (Brazil) Translate

Well, I wasn't so lucky this time...Got this kit for a client...And now I'm worried that I'll have a lot of work on this one. Nothing that can't be repaired, but it's not the kind of stuff I use to get from E. At first, I'd love to kill the person who made his torso, legs and arms in one single piece!!! Is sooo difficult to work with a kit like this...(yes, I know that it was that way, I saw the pics before order, but is just to remeber that this kind of piece is very bad to work on). Second: the kit's quality is bad. Lots of flaws and bubbles. And for last, his cloack is very delicante near his back (you can see the pic of it against the light). I'll have to add some epoxy to garantee that my client will receive the kit in one piece... One bad kit among 12 I've bought... (I still love you guys...heheeh) But I can't only complain: this order came really fast, nothing broken, and safe packed. Thank you guys ^^ (and I got that box with the blue straps...I love those boxes!)

gfx-1978 Translate

Ok.. Where to start. I am really glad I got two kits in the same shipment, as I had a bad streak of lower quality kits up until the kit before these two. Aestas is a dream and Guts SUCKS ass! I am sorry, but this really irritates me as it seems like a lottery if I get a good quality kit or a bad one. I am at 50/50 chance it seems. I feel almost ripped off with this Guts kit. This particular Guts kit was new to my knowledge and I thought I would be safe while I got the first batch or so. 20% of it has good crisp detail. The rest looks like it's melted. it's not really visible in the pictures, unless you know where to look. I have spent a lot of hours rescribing the armour parting lines in his boots and other places - it's a bit harder to shape the pin heads that are supposed to hold the armour pieces together. Some of this lack of detail can be forgiven due to the fact that he has a huge cape covering up most of his backside. But I can't forgive the fact that not one of his buckles are intact. They all look like shit, some more some less - and all need rebuilding. The strategically placed E2046 watermark over his belt in the photos, covers up some of the misfortunate details. I am probably overly negative right now as I just got on the computer after working over the details. There is even one part missing in the recast - It's the tote thing hanging from the end of the sword handle.... The least of the worries though. While cleaning his armpits from the mass of resin webbing - what seems to be small pieces of silicone rubber loosened - or maybe it was small wads of release agent. The details are just very very soft and I am afraid a lot of them won't show through the primer if not enhanced. Seems the alignment was off too - as it's evident the workshop has done a lot of sanding removing some details. His right hand is supposed to be wrapped up in some bandage/cloth - but it's barely visible. The same applies to the sword handle. I am better off making a new piece from scratch and wrapping it in real cloth or paper. The face was good - he had some deformed spikes due to the partingline though. But this was probably the best part as the features are crisp. The most misleading bit is the scale - this is not 1/6 - never ever. It's 1/9 max. Guts is a tall figure so I am even inclined to think he is 1/10 as he is about as high as 1/6 Merill Silverborough's leg+pelvis. I am sorry for the rant, but this has really put me off from ordering stuff that noone else has commented before. It's a shame really. You really should start doing quality checks! This is really making me scared to order any mech recasts as they have way more details and depend on the details to look good... 1/6 Aestas. Thank you E2046. At least this kit proves to me again that you can provide kits with awesome details of great quality casting. Not much to say about this other than it made the whole difference of my mental health after receiving Guts. Why can't all kits be as good as this one? At least I know that the Dark magician I have on preorder will be of great quality. Mr. Color Orange clear... The last one of the clears I missed the other time around. I need it to master the clear skin colour method Acryllic orange simple base... I figure it's always a positive to have one of these laying aroung for when it's needed.

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