EVA Pair Set Monkey Version

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Produktnummer  FG1916
Höhe  17.00 cm
Teile  19
Maßstab  1/8


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Well, as per usual this kit arrived in perfect condition, with all parts present and nothing broken. There wasn't too much work to be done on them: No pinholes could be found, and it was only some small seam lines that ran up the inside and outside of the legs and on the arms that I had to sand down, but that wasn't too much of a problem as the lines and ridges were only small and all it took was some sandpaper and a wee bit of filing to do the job. There was a bit of a gap between Rei's left thigh and her hip when I tried to join them up, but a bit of putty and some sanding sorted that out. Attaching the arms to the bodies was a bit difficult because they are quite small, but luckily I have a drill that has a small drillbit, so it was just a matter of putting in some holes, and using a paperclip to help connect the joints. The rest of the bits of this kit were fairly easy to assemble, but the tails did give me some difficulty as they were quite fiddly but it was managed eventually. This was a really good kit to assemble, really easy with no real problems. Another great one, e2046!

van fanel (ITA) Übersetzen

FG1916EX-1/8 EVA Pair Set Monkey Version / RT1215-1/35 FF-X7 Core Fighter / FG1959-1/6 Bubba The Box has been broken but the model arrived all in good conditions without broken parts. This models are not for me but for one of my friends. I only have one note on the expedition because I asked to deliver the package to another address because I'm moving to another house and not always there is someone at the old address but the package has been sent to the old address. For this time no problems because I've been lucky that my mother was at home at this moment but the next time who knows ? May be next package. Thanks for all.

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