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Número Producto  RT1602
Altura  18.00 cm
Peso   0.37 kg
Piezas  65


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7.5 / 10

Último Comentario
Moonflow247 (Alemania) Traducir

Fine model kit with several optional parts. If you can't read Chinese, it's a bit difficult to understand the instructions. I think, one part is missing (from the helicopters rear), but it's not outstanding at the end.


Yet again amazed by the speed it reached me. One of the blades was unfortunately damaged in transit witch was fixable but shows was not packed as well. Kit is very good quality but a-bit difficult specially when you try to make the tachikoma. Real bummer was the kit was misplaced/ lost during the spring cleaning and it was never completed, may one day order another as it was a great little addition to my collection. p.s. the included base is a nice touch.

mnemonic12 (United State) Traducir

The size of this is somewhat deceptive... the Tachikoma beside it in the reference pictures is probably the 1/12, but it seems a bit smaller from looking at the parts. Perhaps I'm wrong, and it will look just about right when put together. I'm not sure what I'll be doing about putting some kind of Motoko or Batou next to them, though! The casting is excellent, however, so no concerns there. Thanks, E2046!

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