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Produktnummer  FG4181
Höhe  39.00 cm
Teile  33
Maßstab  1/6


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3 / 10

Neuestes Feedback

This was a bad luck with a bad recast - the kit have many issues such as lack of details (-1 to rating), badly removed seamlines (-1 to rating) and some details been destroed with teared peice of mold leaved from previous casting, very important ones like fingers and mechanics. (-2 to rating for every peice) The surface is rough - like kit made of sandpaper. (-1 to rating) Part does not fit - they look like the kit was been casted not from a kit but from breaked apart finished figure - signs of modelers putty casted in kit and original kits fitting keys are destroeyd with it. (-1 to rating) The kit was badly packed - parts was not wrapped in boubles and this cause break of hair in 2 places. (-1 to rating) I rate this kit as 3 - she have too many issues and each one is pretty critical for a high-rated product, i`ll shelf her for a long time - working on her will not be a pleasant time.

Tickwomp Übersetzen

Got both of these figures in the same package today. both look great with no broken parts and good packaging. I'm glad i finally got both of these. Although it's listed as Rika Noyomano, it's actually Benkei. She's properly scaled at 1/6, a pretty big kit. Great fit and great casting. Ivy is in another league, she looks superb. The pictures really don't do the kit justice, there are tons of small details all over from her armor to the engravings in her sword. Truly a kit of the highest quality. And she's HUGE. i would say she's closer to 1/5 than 1/6. She comes with the wire for the sword when it's in whip mode, and little gem-sticker things for the blue gem. Thanks e20, really great job on this one

Kumama Übersetzen

FINALLY!! It's a 1/6 kit that's ACTUALLY 1/6! I couldn't be happier! The legs and torso on this kit are HUGE! And I really love the detail of the shirt and pants, there's a lot of really well thought-out details of this sculpt that I can't get enough of. It makes me a little sad that I'll be taking many of them away since I"m using this kit as a base for a kit bash... maybe sometime I'll have to buy another, because she's so awesome looking! The casting... well it's pretty good. There are some thin parts on the bottom of her pants (well if you can call them pants) and I noticed slightly larger than normal seam lines on her legs. Really though overall the resin quality looks nice and the sprue was hidden in good places for easy removal. I'm happy with her! I hope I'll be able to start on my special project for her soon.