Wizard Belldandy

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Número Producto  FG4194
Altura  26.00 cm
Piezas  25


  • Includes fine copper rod
  • Requiere Ensamblaje
  • Pintura Necesaria
  • No hay Instrucciones Incluidas. Sólo lista de piezas
  • Servicio de precauciones extra: Cargado en el acolchado extra, garantiza la seguridad
  • Base no incluida aquí, es posible que desee comprar una en Base
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10 / 10

Último Comentario
björn (Alemania) Traducir

the bell arrived in good condition, it looks like much fun while building

keiichi Traducir

I have a confession to make. This kit was one of those that I brainlessly added into my shopping bag but end up having no feeling towards. Never did I imagine that it had so many parts to contend with but it came with a base and a metal rod for the broomstick (I assume that's Stringfellow, Bell's flying broomstick). However, the packaging was really nice since you guys packed the parts in small seperate padded bags so repacking the parts after checking was a breeze. The casting of the larger parts were with the usual culprits of mould lines and extra flashes but the finer details of the small parts were really commendable.

senyac (Australia) Traducir

Hi , FG4194 Wizard Belldandy arrived today , I have to say this is one of the best casts ive ever recieved , nice white resin , no seams , no pinholes , just some flash to remove . She is a nice size , 1/6 i would guess , she comes with a brass rod for her broom stick. excellent work e2046 cheers Senyac

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