Sen Hime (Pre-painted)

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Product Number  PF4017
Height  26.00 cm
Weight   1.16 kg
Part  5
Scale  1/6


  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • No Instruction Provided. Parts List Only.
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Includes display base as shown
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Latest Feedback
nycboi Translate

Greeting. I apologize for this really late feedback. This purchase was a birthday gift for my friend and he enrolled in the navy just before the package arrive. I believe the package is sitting in his room looks just like when it was sent out, so i didn't leave any feedback until now. Judging from the quality and service i had with my other purchase. I strongly believe this figure could be fine like my others. Hope everyone can keep up the good works.

Azure85 Translate

Another excellent figure by e2046, I was really impressed by the paint job which looked better than the photos. This is one of my favorite figures in my collection. Thank you again for another great addition!

atk4m Translate

These two figures are absolutely gorgeous. The paintwork is superb, capturing Sen-hime's aloof coolness and Nanjyou Ran's confidence (whether they actually exhibit these traits in Sengoku Rance, I have no idea since I haven't played that game). I especially like the metallic painting on Sen-hime's stockings. Two great figures that were well worth the purchase.

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