Dark Eclair

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Product Number  FG1943
Height  25.00 cm
Weight   0.36 kg
Part  24
Scale  1/7


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions Provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • No display base is included, you might wish to purchase from Display Base
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6 / 10

Latest Feedback
shoko (France) Translate

I was sad when I received it, ears clips were missing, the sword isn't in translucid part, and the cast was not good especially at legs jonctions. It need a lot of preparation in order to repair bad casting. It's sad because this garage kit is great so see once painted.

E2046 : We double confirmed with workshop and check up with our stock. All kits we have now will provide with clear sword.

shoko Translate

Dear staff of E2046, this is my first negative feedback! I hope you don't see anger in it. By the past I have bought this kit in thai shop. I loved my dark eclair so much that when I discoverd E2046 I decided to buy dark eclair ( again) in order to do a better version ( it was so hard, lot of work with this thai version) and all people says that E2046 have the better kit!. This morning Dark eclair was here! Yes I was so happy, I open the box... omg... what was this howful cast!! Lot of flesh, the rond earing clips were not here,there is a missing hair part on the front of head...the sword is not 100% clear ( the thai kit was all clear)... there is lot of strange thing in the hair... it need LOT of correction located in difficult parts ( on the neck in front of body)... I'm so disapointed about my Dark eclair! Maybe this kit is very old and it was your first cast... I don't know, but I'm little sad. I'm sorry to give a negative feedbck but all the kit I have bought in E2046 were always near of perfection! I hope I will be able to do a beautiful dark eclair.I will do the earing in FIMO i think... and the same for the missing hair part...

nightengale5385 Translate

Casting is okay. There was a lot detail that was lost in her clothing. The clear sword was cast very well.

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