US$ 43.99 US$ 54.99 할인 20%
US$ 54.99
US$ 43.99
재고 상품 US$ 52.24
배송비 정보없음
상품 번호  FG4268
시리스  Odin Sphere
높이  25.00 cm
부품 수량  22
스케일  1/6


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6 / 10

최근 구매후기

I received this kit a while back and determined whether or not to leave feedback on it. I was really excited about getting this kit, but was disappointed by the one I received V_V... I think I got a bummed out kit, just absolutely horrible luck... A lot of this kit still had tabs attached to them. The psypher jewel was so warped that it was unrecognizable as a jewel. It looked like a clear plastic fingernail. >_< Other than that, everything else looked great, no actual broken pieces....

Barotto 번역 내용

When I received this figurines I thought it was quite a small package for a 1/6 scale. But in fact, it was their excellent packaging job that made it compact, dense, and safe! Each of the parts were needy packaged. There were many fragile misses in this kit that could of been easy broken but were still packaged perfectly. Many of the pieces were perfect, barely any sanding was needed. Easy to start and paint, a very fun and clear kit. No missing pieces, no problem! Thanks again!

Chiri135 (United State) 번역 내용

I just received my Mercedes in today. She is just perfect. I absolutely love her. The casting looks good. She is simply perfect. I am definitely going to have to get Gwendolyn to go with her. The shipping was super fast. I sent in the payment and the same night received a Shipment Notice. O.o That was a first, but I'm not complaining.

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