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Produktnummer  FG4436
Höhe  21.00 cm
Teile  29
Maßstab  1/7


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ogami Übersetzen

Related product : FG4436 - 1/7 Octavia Hi E2046 staff, I have just received the octavia kit, she is very cute and the scale pretty nice. I purchased her because of the chara design and the dynamic movement. The workshop did a very good work on this recast that looks to be pretty easy to pain with a lot of parts and a minimum masking ! BTW I checked and all the parts "seems" to be here... I say that because there is not a part list with the total number of part or a drawing to identify each part... Thanks !

seraph_phoenix Übersetzen

I got Octavia today ^________^ Sooo happy! She's bigger than I expected...though I guess I'm just not use to getting kits over 1/7 scale =) I assume all the parts are there, I tried to check the parts picture on the site, but it's a little hard to tell. The part count is off, it says there's suppose to be 29 pieces but I have 38 and I don't think I have any duplicates. I think this is because when some of the pieces are cast, they are on a stick of resin, like in the parts picture, but for packaging, they have to be taken off. If I notice any pieces missing or duplicate I'll contact you guys right away! Packing was well done as always, resin is beautiful and has no foreign particles in it. No oversanding from what I saw. Thanks a lot ^____^

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