Blanc Neige (PVC)

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Product Number  PV0214
Height  20.00 cm
Scale  1/8


  • EXTRA CARE SERVICE. Carried in extra package box. Safety enhanced.
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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Latest Feedback
Candat (France) Translate

This version of Blanc Neige this figure is great. Her face is very well made. I love the pose too.

Madlax Translate

She really is beauty! She's quite big and really well made. She just looks great and is really worth it's money! The package was great and she arrived fast! Thanks a lot!

Yamirose Translate

My order arrived yesterday and I'm a little disappointed in the box condition, but absolutely delighted at the figure. I love this character, so I've had my eye on this one ever since the first promo shots came out and I'm very happy to receive her. She's a gorgeous figure, with all the beauty, grace and poise of her character. The little details like the snowflakes on her gloves and the jewel on her sceptre really make this figure stand out, but my favourite part of her is her expression. The eyes coupled with her slight smile make her look coolly amused and it's just so in-character for her. While your packing staff did their usual excellent job in packaging, with a cardboard box and lots of bubblewrap, unfortunately the package didn't survive the journey undamaged. Despite the fragile sticker - the package had a large footprint on one side and the pressure of being stepped on has caused damage to both ends of the cardboard box. This order came packaged with two others and fortunately they were both fine, but Blanc's box has been damaged at the top. It's just her box, though. Fortunately, the figure is unharmed - that's the important thing. Why I mention it - I don't believe any sort of packaging could have stood up better to being stepped on and protected my precious girl nearly as well, so I'm very grateful that E2046 take such care with packaging. Blanc Neige is a beautiful figure and the new jewel in my collection. Thank you very much, E2046!

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