Noel (Pre-painted)

품절 인기상품
인기상품 순위  # 49 Gathering에서 (Gathering 내에서 에서 찾아보기 )
상품 번호  PF4545
시리스  Yamashita
일본어 이름  ノエル(塗装済み)
높이  24.00 cm
박스 크기  높이: 21 cm | 넓이: 20 cm | 길이: 32 cm
무게  0.82 kg


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  • 디스플레이 베이스 포함
  • Gathering Surprise - We have specially designed her a set of tiger decal for her uniform and a tiger theme display base. Real Cool!
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teddy boy 번역 내용

Not being a fan of the bust series of Shunya Yamashita characters released by Koto. I felt I was taking a gamble on this. However, that gamble certainly did pay off as this figure is vastly superior to the previous release Noel. Not only is there obviously more to the figure, but the paintwork puts the Koto. version to shame, the attention to detail on her face is stunning. The thing I like least, although still alot, is the base.

Beatrix 번역 내용

hi people! Today i recieved this marvelous statue, like always, fast as lightining shipping. The packet, as like e2046 shipping, comes in pristine condition, very well aconditioned. The figure itselfs, shines in the perfection of the details, here & there, i'll remark espeficially the expresion of the eyes, like the tiger, noel represents this fury in his expresion, the finished touches in her head, are really remarcable, also the great airbrushing in all the body, with a lot of details, including the superb decal on the leg. The mat of the tiger it's really a great addition, with a lot of detail and fits extraordinary with the nature of the statue, good choice. In fact, i'm really in love with this model, great work! As always, i'm waiting for my new buy from yours! Thanks Again! Maria

Hobbies2046 번역 내용

Due to the great packaging there were no damages to the figure or the box. Another great full body Shunya figure by E2046.

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