Sen Hime on Knees (Pre-painted)

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Product Number  PF4533
Height  17.00 cm
Weight   1.08 kg
Part  5
Scale  1/6


  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Instruction not provided. Parts List Only.
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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9 / 10

Feedback Highlight

She arrived today without any breaks. Like others who commented, her staff was a little bent, cast that way I suppose, but it looks just right in her hands. Her hair is what drew me to this piece and it really is the highlight. While not my favorite design, Gathering did a splendid job with her.

Latest Feedback

Wonderful paint, great design... slightly flawed execution. Let me start by saying that the paintwork on this Sin Hime figure is phenominal. It is some of the best that I have seen by Gathering and I own several Gathering figures at this point. The accuracy of the fine details easily rivals the Alter Sin Hime figure that I have. I also really like several aspects of the design, especially the crisp lines, flowing hair, and facial expression that give the figure a dramatic look. Most of the flaws have to do with the staff on the naginata. The staff arrived warped, and even after straightening with a hair dryer, the design of the figure ensures that the staff stays warped. There are three contact points between the staff in the figure. The top one is drawn in more than the other two, causing the top of the staff to bow out. In addition, the staff is fixed to the figure in the center and is too long unless the figure is positioned on a stand (not included) Without a stand, the bottom of the staff will warp significantly at the bottom. All in all, though, it is a beautiful figure and I am happy with the purchase.

Panther (Singapore) Translate

Senhime arrived in good condition and the packaging was very well done and protected the figure inside well. I managed to assemble her without much problems and she is on display. For the full feedback and review of her I have done, do take a look at the following link. Thanks, E2046, this was a really fine resin figure for the introductory level and the Gathering team did a fine job.

Oscar (Spain) Translate

My second Sen Hime kit from Gathering. As sweet and beautiful as I expected her to be. My only complain is that the kit doesn't include a display base. Just because there's no place for a pin to dock her to the base (she's on her knees) doesn't mean that we don't want to display her properly, right? We can always buy it separately, but maybe it would be better if it was properly announced to us customers while placing the order, so that we can order the base along with the kit.

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