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Produktnummer  FG4639
Höhe  28.00 cm
Kisten größe  Höhe: 12 cm | Breite: 20 cm | Länge: 28 cm
Gewicht  0.69 kg
Parts Quantity  118
Maßstab  1/6


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8.2 / 10

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pcleemake (Hong Kong) Übersetzen

Great quality. Fast shipping. Packaging is perfect. Best resin kit seller/company ever

Neuestes Feedback

TLDR: pelvis piece I receieved was warped quite a bit and would require almost half of the piece to be remodeled by hand. Customer service support deemed the quality passable and refused to send a replacement piece. I am now stuck with a kit I cannot finish. I am disappointed with this and will no longer be getting anymore kits from e2046 if this is the standard for their kits. Long story: The casting I received was of high quality resin however one of the cast was warped specifically the pelvis area. It was my fault for not checking everything out the moment I received it but 3 years later after purchasing the kit I finally had myself a airbrush kit I can use to achieve the finish I want. I proceed to put the kit together only to notice that one major piece is majorly warped, which is the pelvis area. It made it impossible to fit both legs into the area without major modifications. I contacted e2046 about this matter. Customer service department deemed it passable and nothing they can do. If something of this nature is consider passable then I am afraid how many kits are sent out by e2046 that is this bad that needs major modifications. This isn't just sanding things down or filling in gaps. It's breaking a piece apart and remodeling a whole half by hand. I'm afraid that if this is the standard of e2046 then I won't be looking forward to getting anymore garage kits from e2046. Please make sure to check everything on arrival and not make the mistake I did and assume e2046 will send you decently made casts.



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