US$ 49.59
US$ 61.99
US$ 49.59
US$ 58.89
배송비 항공우편 US$ 7.76
선불 결제시 현금 쿠폰 US$ 1.49 적립
상품 번호  FG4831
시리스  Odin Sphere
높이  22.00 cm
무게   0.26 kg
부품 수량  40


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  • Includes fine copper rod
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9 / 10

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If you think her face looks retarded on photos - I warn you, it's even worse in reality. If you don't have skills to fix it by you own - think twice before buying this kit. I won't cut rating for this, since I was aware of it. Seamlines were sanded by workshop, little too much. Fitting isn't really good as for such easy kit. For real, gaps are large and I have no idea what they thought while making it. Especially when it comes to dress, legplates, hair and... Pretty much everything. There're not many details and those which are visible aren't best quality - old mould or something? They're pretty messed up. Surfaces are smooth. That's something good about it. Proportions of feet, hands and everything are little bit off. Not many tabs, were easy to remove. I got what I wanted, but quality is worse than I expected. **** While I was really happy how fast you handled my previous order, which was placed right before Christmas, this one is damn slow one. I've paid for my order on 10th Jan, status changed to Internal Processing on 16th Jan and shipment notice was assign on 20th Jan. The figure was in stock, why it took so long? Really - 6 days before you started preparation for shipment? Not to mention "The item is being processed for departure from Hong Kong as of 21-Jan-2014" and has been finally sent on 3rd Feb. Arrived to Poland on 6th, I recieved it on 7th Feb. Just wow :|


ugly face but good cast quality. fast shipping this time! thank you


I've actually had this one for a while now, but I love the pose of this kit. The casting is very nice on her too. I would like to redo her face a little, so that should be an interesting undertaking.