Seras Victoria

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Número Producto  FG5199
Altura  48.00 cm
Peso   0.93 kg
Piezas  36
Escala  1/7


  • No es PVC. Este es la versión GK ofrecida por nosotros
  • Requiere Ensamblaje
  • Pintura Necesaria
  • Instrucciones Incluidas
  • Servicio de precauciones extra: Cargado en el acolchado extra, garantiza la seguridad
  • Incluyendo la base
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9.9 / 10

Comentario en Evidencia
LUTNIT (Canadá) Traducir

Last kit from my first order nearly 3 years ago. As they say, patience is a virtue. Was as happy to see the kit when it arrived as I was when I first ordered it from E2046. Casting is excellent and the dry fit of parts is very good. Even the most fragile parts weren't broken or damaged in shipping. Very happy with this kit.

Último Comentario
Cardinal (Alemania) Traducir

Realy nice miniature. Proves to be an interesting project. Parts are fitting well, some minor misscasts were found in my case nothing serious thou. Interesting base. I can realy recomend


Beautiful kit! I love that the material is white antihero. Pieces were very smooth already and proper size. Don't have to do much work with this one. It should turn out beautifully.


I can honestly say that this kit is one of the best models i have personally ever made. The casting is flawless, the detail is stunning and it was a joy to build. Almost no sanding or putty work was needed, as the fit on all of the joints was spot on. The only shortcoming is that there are no eye decals, but seeing as i paint the eyes on anyway, this made no difference to me. A wonderful kit all round.

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