Marisa Kirisame

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Product Number  FG6616
Height  28.00 cm
Box Size  Height: 14 cm | Width: 20 cm | Length: 27 cm
Weight  0.66 kg
Parts Quantity  24


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instruction not provided. Parts List Only.
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base not included, you might wish to purchase from Display Base
  • Includes tiny beads , fine metal rod , plastic rod
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9.6 / 10

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I have received goods. Rather than thinking I'm very satisfied with carrying it took a long time

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Lazy Jason (United States) Translate

Cast is pretty well made, no bubbles or big deformation, but some of the pieces just don't fit right. I had to do quite a bit of sanding and use epoxy putty to get them to fit together perfectly. The main issue I had with this kit is the left arm (the one holding the broom). In the photos she is holding the broom behind her back (and the big bow that attaches to the back of her waist has a channel that the rod of the broom fits in making it apparent that the kit is designed for this) yet the hand that holds the broom doesn’t fit into the wrist as if it were to go behind her back. The hand looks like its supposed to have her hold the broom in front of her, which still looks fine in my opinion. But then it gets weirder because when you attach the arm and the hand and the bow and everything, the broom cant fit between her waist and her arm to go behind her back! And then the bow thats on her back is in the way of the arm so when the arm is on it prevents the bow from sitting correctly. All of this aside though the simple solution is to just have her hold the broom in front of her and in my opinion the pose looks more natural. Anyways the kit is adorable 8/10


lots of big tabs, could have been in better locations,but other than minor issues, good cast,

Paulus82 (Mexico) Translate

las piezas no encajan muy bien, hay que trabajarlo mas pero el tamaño de la pieza es exelente asi como la pose

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